I Hate Christmas Ending Explained: ‘Tis the time for Christmas and if we leave aside all the merry-merry feelings that fill up people’s hearts and the mood in the air that gets you to smile from ear to ear not forgetting the atmosphere, for single people it is a nightmare because it is filled with a lot of romantic comedies and togetherness that it is the worst nightmare for a single person.

The fear of missing out during Christmas is at its peak and obviously, for good enough reasons, someone might not like Christmas. With this spirit in mind, Netflix has released their mini-series titled “I Hate Christmas” which consists of 6 Episodes of 30 minutes each. Here’s what happens in the series

“I Hate Christmas” Plot & Synopsis

Gianna, is a 30-something nurse who lives in a small town in Italy and loves what she does in helping people. However, she’s single and is constantly subjected to remarks by everyone around her. Her siblings are all married so this does not sit well with her conservative mother who keeps pointing out that she needs to start her own family soon.

Frustrated to the brink, she announces that she’s in a relationship and will be bringing him home for Christmas which startles her family and especially her friends who know that she doesn’t have a boyfriend. However, the series starts with a plan to help Gianna get a boyfriend before Christmas so she could bring him home.

The series focuses on what happens when Gianna 24 days before Christmas tries to get a boyfriend and the journey it takes her on ending straight on Christmas Day itself.

Who Does Gianna Meet?

Gianna after making a blunt remark has now 24 days to find herself a boyfriend and her friends are going to help her through that. She starts to meet men and it starts with Carlo who has lost control of his legs and is a very rich person and lives a life of luxury. Gianna is attracted to Carlo but soon takes off after Carlo tries to make Gianna challenge the fear of flying by taking her on a seaplane ride. Gianna then meets Mario who is a seafood vendor who turns out to be self-indulgent and only cares for her mother.

He even makes remarks about Gianna being insensitive to her mother’s emotions and during a shooting game, he ends up in an argument with the stall owner which makes Gianna instantly leave. After these failed attempts, Didi who is Gianna’s flatmate and friend makes a dating profile and she matches with Davide who turns out to be only 19. The two spend an intimate night together and Gianna starts to be emotionally invested in him but soon gets ghosted by him which leaves her crying with her friends consoling her.

Gianna then meets an ex-congressman Dante Crisanti who is quite old from Gianna but is a gentleman she feels this might be going somewhere when he invites her to his boat but that bubble is later burst when they’ve met Gianna’s parents and it turns out that her mother and Dante knew each other from college days which turns out to be an instant turn off for her. There’s another person that works at the same place where Gianna does but he never responds to her greetings Gianna always thought about him as rude so she confronts him during the Officer Christmas Party and she gets to know that he’s actually deaf and the two become friends after that.

At the Christmas Party, Carlo and Mario are present as well and the two starts to behave oddly with Gianna present which frustrates her so she leaves with her female colleague the two end up sharing a kiss on the ferry back home but the two part ways. During all this, Gianna’s colleague at work, Doctor Umberto tries to ask Gianna out several times but fails to do so. He makes a heartfelt confession to her and that leaves Gianna surprised.

“I Hate Christmas” Ending: Who Does Gianna Bring Home?

After 24 days of the tedious journey to finding her a boyfriend, we do see that she has invited someone for Christmas but it is not revealed and she keeps it a mystery in the last Episode which leaves a good open plot for a second season.

However, if we look at it carefully, it could be Doctor Umberto because she did not reject him after his heartfelt confession to her. She works with him so she already knows him as well.

Another possibility could be the maintenance person who she turns out to be friends with because they did hit it off. Carlo and Gianna could be too since she left him because of her own fears and not something that Carlo did or behaved and in fact, she was quite attracted to him as well.



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