Homewrecker (2023) Movie Netflix: Homewrecker is now streaming on Netflix in the English language, and in this article, we are going to explain the ending of the movie. However, before we proceed, please be aware that this article contains heavy spoilers from the movie. If you haven’t watched the movie yet and intend to do so, we suggest you watch it first, and for the rest of you, let’s get started.

The story revolves around two couples, Clinton and Tamara. They are in a loving relationship, but when Clinton finally proposes to her for marriage, she rejects his proposal. Tamara wants to pursue her dreams and advance in her job, with the ultimate goal of becoming a partner in the company where she works. She knows Clinton will support her decision, and indeed, he does. Their bond grows even stronger after Tamara rejects the proposal, and he becomes her biggest supporter.

In Tamara’s office, there is a co-worker named Kenzie, who is also dedicated to her job and has aspirations of becoming a partner in the company. Kenzie and Clinton were friends before but had lost touch when Kenzie moved to another town. However, they reconnect at the office, which makes Tamara uncomfortable. She begins to suspect that her boyfriend is cheating on her. Kenzie takes advantage of this situation and starts flirting with Clinton, sending him photos and gifts at his office.

One day, Kenzie learns that Tamara is going to be promoted to the position of partner at the company Fisher & Associates. Feeling jealous and envious, Kenzie gains access to Tamara’s laptop and sends a disturbing email to the other partners, leading to Tamara being rejected for the position. Tamara loses her job and her boyfriend, and all her hard work goes in vain as she gets fired from the company.

The Ending

Tamara acquires CCTV footage of Kenzie entering her office cabin around the time the harmful email was sent. With the help of her teammate Lawrence, she obtains this evidence, which proves her innocence. Upon discovering this, Kenzie plans to kill Lawrence and goes to his home, where she shoots him. However, the company people mistakenly believe that Tamara is responsible for the incident. Despite this, Tamara remains confident in her innocence due to the evidence she possesses.

She sends the video to her boss, but the case becomes more serious, resulting in the arrest of both Tamara and Kenzie. Due to a lack of evidence, Kenzie is eventually released, and Tamara is exonerated.

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In the end, Kenzie reveals a photo to Tamara, showing that they share the same father. Tamara confronts her father and learns that Kenzie is her half-sister. Kenzie’s resentment towards her father leads her to seek revenge and try to destroy Tamara’s life, someone their father loved deeply. However, Kenzie’s plans backfire, and she is arrested. Tamara manages to get her job back, and her relationship with Clinton improves.

The movie ends here, but there may be a second part as the conclusion seems incomplete. So, you can also expect a sequel to the movie.



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