Bawaal (Bawal) Movie Budget & Box Office: Bawaal is a Recently Released Hindi language romantic comedy-drama movie This movie definitely Deserves a theatrical Release but due to a Problem in finding dates makers made this movie as a direct ott release on prime video.

This movie is from award-winning director nitesh tiwari who’s greatly known for his movies like Dangal And Chichhorre. Now he’s back with one more banger

Now Talking About the budget Of Bawaal;

Bawaal is made at a budget of 60 Crores, there was vfx work required in the film and a foreign shoot was a part of the film due to that Final cost comes out as 60 Crores in that printing and advertisement charges were also included. This movie already got a high amount from the prime video which will shock your movie is already in so much profit.

The cast of the movie is Varun Dhawan and Janhvi Kapoor in the main lead roles, The film also stars Manoj Pahwa, Parth Siddhpura, Arnob Khan Akib, Aariz Saiyed, Gunjan Joshi, And Satendra Son in key roles.



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