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Five Days At Memorial – How Many Episodes does this series have?

Five Days At Memorial: New AppleTV+ Mini-Series titled “Five Days At Memorial”, a direct adaptation of the book of the same name is a recollection of those 5 Days after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and its aftermath in which Medical Professionals were left to make hard choices with no electricity, flood water, and heat sores.

The series is a big-budget work from AppleTV+ and the first three episodes are just the beginning of the chaos that Katrina brought and left in its wake. However, as per the title of the Mini-Series suggests, it’s a recollection of 5 Days but the Episode count is more than that.

The Mini-Series consists of 8 Episodes and will probably include the questioning that the Doctors went through and what happened after that.

This is about the whole investigation that happened during those 5 Days at the Baptist Memorial Hospital in New Orleans and how the Hospital end up with 45 dead people or patients.

The Mini-Series has released its first 3 Episodes on AppleTV+ and more will be released weekly. The series is only available in English right now and no news about other languages has been released by AppleTV+.


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