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Die Hart Movie Summary And Ending Explained

Die Hart the Movie Summary & Ending Explained: Die Hart The movie is now available to stream on Amazon Prime in both Hindi and English Language, in this article, I am going to tell you the summary and ending explanation of the movie so let’s get started.

The film begins when Kevin (Kevin Hart) who is a movie star, has an emotional outburst on a TV show and is not getting work with the people he had worked with and the new directors are also boycotting him. But a director Claude Van De Velde wants to meet him, and when they met he told him that he is making an action movie and wanted him as the main lead in that movie.

To get this role he takes admission in Ron Wilcox’s action school where many famous actors have learned acting while reaching there he finds an action sequence going on thinking this as a practice he also jumps in and got hit by a bat, after waking up he met with Coach Ron, who showed him the place, later he was tested in various ways like saving his figure from a fire, but he barely passed any test.

He met with Jordan King (Nathalie Emmanuel) who is a Sit-Com star and is training there to get a big role in a movie, they were kept together in a room and trained in many scenes together, but Kevin ends up hurting Jordan in her hand.

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After some time Kevin grew suspicious that the fight scene he had seen on the first day was real and Ron actually killed a guy when he started looking for evidence he found a necklace, he thought the necklace belongs to the guy which was killed named Rodrigo.

Later during a scene in front of a green screen, it gets revealed that the actual shooting is going on by the director Claude, Everyone was doing their part except Kevin, then the gun firing started and Kevin thought that these were actual bullets and ran away from there, he found an old man there working on his truck, he asked him for his phone and called his manager where he came to know that he has got a small voice artist role in a movie.

When Kevin decided to return to the school after talking to his manager, he founds out his partner Jordan is injured by a bullet but found out this is just a practice.

Ending Explained

But after there is an open fire in their location and all actors started running, then Coach Ron tells him that he actually killed Rodrigo due to drugs and that these guys are here to take revenge, then Kevin used his training skills to save them and fight the bad guys, at the end Jordan falls and Kevin came running and started calling her to wake up, and the director says to cut this is also a movie scene, and now the movie is completed.

However after this also Kevin failed to become an action star as the limelight is taken by a squirrel who helped him to kill the main guy.



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