Daniel Spellbound: Netflix has released the trailer with the release date of the upcoming American-Canadian kids’ animated action fantasy adventure comedy-drama series Daniel Spellbound, which is set in the modern era of New York City where they believe magic is real but still hidden from the public.

Daniel Spellbound follows the story of a tracker who tracks a magician named Daniel by his magical ingredients. The story changes when one day a powerful evil, The Dark Mage, comes to magical New York and threatens the entire magical world with destruction, where we see that Daniel is being hired as a tracker.

This series embarks on a journey around the world with his friends Hoagie and Lucy so that they can find Gryphon’s Egg, in search of which his father died in search of, as the fate of the magical world is at stake and can be saved by that egg.

Daniel Spellbound’s voice cast includes Alex Barima, Chantel Riley, Deven Mack Jr., Catherine Disher, and Dwayne Hil in the main lead roles, The show will also have the Voice of Rainbow Sun Francks, Lynn Rafferty, and more. This series was created by Matthew Fernandes and Alan Gregg.

Daniel Spellbound is set to be released on October 27 only on Netflix in the English and Hindi languages



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