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Hellhole Netflix: Age Rating, Story, Cast & More

Hellhole Netflix: Netflix has released the trailer with the release date of the upcoming Polish supernatural horror thriller mystery drama film Hellhole, which is set in the era of the 1987s in Poland and describes mysterious supernatural activities in this place.

Hellhole follows the story of a policeman who enters the monastery to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a clergyman. After that, he finds a darker and deeper secret that keeps him in this place and finds it difficult to exit. The story changes when we see a monk performing an exorcism on a woman who is being possessed by a man.

He records the scene without any people knowing. After that, we see that the woman turns into the face of the devil, which shocks the people, including the cameraman and police.

The Hellhole cast includes Piotr Zurawski, Olaf Lubaszenko, Sebastian Stankiewicz and Lech Dyblik in the main lead roles, The movie will star Rafa Iwaniuk, Krzysztof Satan, Malwina Dubowska, Zbigniew Wales, and more.

This film was created and directed by Bartosz M. Kowalski and is set to be released on October 26 exclusively on Netflix in Polish, English, and Hindi languages.


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