Colin Farrell, who keeps delivering great performances repeatedly with selecting projects in different genres is back again with the old trio that he delivered the smash-hit “In Bruges” with. He’s back with Brendon Gleeson and director and playwright Martin McDonagh for another film titled “The Banshees of Inisherin”.

Not only that, the film premiered at the Venice Film Festival which earned Colin Farrell a 13-Minute standing ovation which is quite a lot considering recently The Whale just got half a standing ovation for half of the time that Colin got.

Recently, there’s been quite some news about standing ovations at Film Festivals, from Brendan Fraser’s The Whale getting one, followed by “Don’t Worry Darling” directed by Olivia Wilde. Considering the reputation of Martin McDonagh, Brendan Gleeson, and Colin Farrell also including the storyline for the film, the standing ovation feels well deserved.

The Banshees Of Inisherin is about two lifelong friends, Colin & Brendan when Colm (played by Brendan) of them due to a conflict ends their friendship. Colin’s character called Padraic sets out to repair that friendship with the help of two people and what happens later is what makes the crux of the story.

The film has received an enormously positive review from the Film Festival and is scheduled to release on October 21, 2022, theatrically.



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