All The Light We Cannot See Episode 1: All The Light We Cannot See on Netflix is a French War thriller series that is currently streaming with 4 episodes in multiple audio options along with subtitles. The show is a great watch, and here we are going to cover the recap and summary of each and every episode of the show. Here goes the recap and summary of episode 1.

Episode 1 of the series starts in 1940 in Saint-Malo City, France, where we get to see a Blind Girl named ‘Marie’ broadcasting a message on the Radio. Later on, we get to see the American planes bombing the same place, and Marie barely survives that bombing. In the next frame, we get to see that a German Armyman named ‘Werner Pfennig’ is listening to her broadcast.

In the next frame, we get to see that another German Armyman is looking for Marie, and he is also killing anyone who doesn’t tell anything about her. The story now goes back to 1934, where we get to see that Marie’s father is teaching her navigation with the city map, and with the help of the same lessons, Marie goes to the bread shop to take the bread. We also get to see that Marie’s father works in a Museum and he has some precious stones. One of the stones is named ‘Sea Of Flames,’ which is also in the Museum, and that stone is very precious. Marie’s father tells her that the ‘Sea of Flames’ is cursed, and anyone who touches it also becomes cursed.

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The story now jumps to the present, where we get to see that Marie is at a Bread Shop, and there she meets her uncle Etienne. Later on, we get to see that Marie and her uncle are helping American Forces to get rid of the Germans. The broadcasts of Marie are helping the Americans pinpoint the locations in the war. In the next frame, we get to see that Werner Pfennig got a new order from his boss to locate the location of the Broadcaster.

Marie needs food, and to get that, she goes to a seaside place where her father used to take her. The German officer was already there, and he attacks Marie. He grabs Marie by her neck, and he also says that he needs that ‘Sea Of Flames’ stone, but Marie doesn’t tell him anything. Marie manages to hit the officer on his head and finally manages to get out from there, and Episode 1 ends here.

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Episode 1 ends on a decent note. The character introduction was really amazing, and I am pretty sure that they are all related to each other and will very soon meet with each other. Now it will be interesting to see how Marie manages to get out of this situation and how Werner gets to her.



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