Aida ‘Deep Fake Love’: Deep Fake Love is a recently released Netflix innovative relationship reality show which is available to stream on Netflix with 8 Episodes this show is available in English and Spanish (original).

The concept of the show is here couples check the trust of their parents there are 5 couples part of this reality Dating Television Series. Here we’re telling you about each and every contestant of this show.

Now Talking About the Contestant Aida;

We’ve already told you about Aida’s Partner Manuel. The length of their relationship is approximately 1 n a half years and they’re happy in their relationship. Aida feels Manuel is the right guy for her. Manue also feels happy with aida. Aida doesn’t want to lose Manuel ever because of this thought only she starts crying. Do you think their love is true and trustworthy?

Her Instagram I’d Is @aidagvilla



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