The Vast of Night Review Amazon Prime Video: Oh my God ! Where to begin! Let’s get on with introduction about the movie. The vast of night is a 2019 American science fiction film written by James Montague and Craig W. Sanger, directed by Andrew Patterson. The movie has been doing several festival rounds from the past few months and it finally arrived on Amazon Prime Video on 29th May 2020 .

The Vast of Night Review

To be completely honest, I was intrigued as soon as I saw the trailer of the movie and what impressed me that how they have managed to achieve this result in such a low budget. Let’s start with the story.

The Vast of Night Story

Set in 50s ,The movie begins with Everett ( Jake Horowitz ) going to a college where a basketball match is about to be played and he interacts with various people there . We get to know that he has a thing for radio and he is a radio jockey at a station who hosts program at evening. There he gets acquainted by Fay Crocker ( Sierra McCormick ) who has bought a new tape recorder and is looking for some tips on how to interview people from Everett .

The duo starts to ask questions with people and then they start to walk to drop Fay to her work as she is a switchboard operator. They discuss about what future technologies can be and ask for each other’s opinion. After dropping Fay , Everett goes to his work as his program is about to start . Then she receives a call for help from a woman who claims that their is something in the sky and to send help , during the call the signal starts to fade away giving a continuous disturbance in the conversation .

After some time Fay , while taking a call receives an unknown and unfamiliar signal which has a distinct sound coming out if it . While she isn’t familiar with the sound she asks some of her friends about it but Everytime the line gets cut off. She asks Everett about it , he also not familiar with the sound decides to broadcast it live and also claims that whoever helps finding the source of this signal/ sound will be rewarded a carpet for Elvis Presley’s home.

Eventually, they get a call from a man named Billy, who tells them that he knows about the sound as he has heard it before. He tells them a story where a group of military soldiers encountered the sound while doing an experiment. He also tells that there is a tape that has the same sounds and is somewhere in the town. The duo finds the tapes and returns when the suddenly finds a couple just outside Fay’s office.

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Fay receives a call from a woman who tells them that she knows from where the signals are coming and that she is willing to tell it but at her house. The story from here gets really exciting, the director has done an absolutely wonderful job to make the woman’s story gripping as well as terrifying at the same moment. The story from the Woman’s home till the climax of the movie is really the wild card of the movie.

What really made this sequence awesome was the music. Undoubtedly the best piece of art for this type of scene, the music just holds you to the screen while also alarming you that something is there something mysterious!. All of this is loaded with the power-packed performances of the lead cast Jake Horowitz and Sierra McCormick. The duo has done a wonderful job of portraying the emotions.

It all comes down to direction and cinematography which is pretty awesome in places like continuous blackouts of screens while Billy’s storytelling and also that long shot of the route from Fay’s switchboard place to the basketball game.



This was our’s The Vast of Night Review, We are going with the 3.5 out of 5 for the movie, The movie is a perfect example of what can be done even though you don’t have a big budget. One of the best sci-fi movies to release this year which genuinely focuses on its characters and story


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