The Traitors US Season 2 Release Date: The Traitors is an American Reality TV series based on the Dutch series De Verraders. The Traitors is already made in the UK and it’s a massive hit. The Traitors US is hosted by Scottish actor Alan Cumming.

The Reality TV show follows the players referred to as “Faithful”, and among them, some of them are “Traitors”. Traitors have to eliminate the Faithfuls in order to win the money, if Faithfuls found out who is Traitors then they will win the money.

The Traitors US Contestants Arie Luyendyk Jr., Quentin Jiles, Cirie Fields, Andie Vanacore, Shelbe Rodriguez, Rachel Reilly, Stephenie LaGrossa, Christian de la Torre, Kate Chastain, Ryan Lochte, Kyle Cooke, Amanda Clarke, Cody Calafiore, Anjelica Conti, Reza Farahan, Geraldine Moreno Robert “Bam” Nieves, Brandi Glanville, Azra Valani.

The Traitors US Season 2 Release Date.

The Traitors’ US is getting very positive reviews and people are already waiting for season 2. If it becomes a hit in the US then definitely we’re going to get a season 2. If it’s not there are lots of versions of The Traitors has been Released on different platforms. You can watch the UK version and more.



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