The Politician Netflix: Netflix’s popular political satire show is getting a sequel very soon. The show premiered in 2019 and garnered people’s attention with people saying that it shows the reality of the politics and background of the political campaigns.

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The show follows a student at saint Sebastian high school named Payton Hobart whose main goal since childhood was to become the Prime Minister of the USA. To achieve his goal he has been working since childhood by maintaining his grades as well as his image among his peers and teachers.

He faces a hurdle in becoming the Student body President when a group of popular students under the leadership of River Barkley takes a stand opposite him. The show follows his journey throughout the campaign and subtly shows the reality of politics.

In season 2 Payton is running for the New York States Senate at the NYU. The season is set to stream from 19th June 2020.


The official trailer of the series is released by Netflix on their official web site and Youtube channel, the trailer gets an awesome response from the audiences just like the first season, If you are not from those million viewers, you can have a look at the official trailer of The Politician

The Politician Season 3 On Netflix

Season 3 of this Netflix satire series would be released in 2022, the way audiences are loving this show, its quite oblivious that makers are already working on the season 2 of the series, But due to current issue, it may get delayed.

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