The Playing Card Killer Season 2: The latest Spanish crime thriller series is now streaming on Netflix. The series takes the audience into the depths of the most notorious criminal in Spain. The story revolves around Alfredo Galán, one of the most dangerous criminals in Spain who developed fear in the hearts of people during the early 2000s. He was known as The Playing Card Killer because he used to leave a playing card at each murder scene he committed.

The series is directed by Luis E. Herrero and consists of interviews with journalists, police officers, and people who are closely involved in this case. The series consists of four episodes, and each episode is approximately 1 hour long. The series also includes interviews with the families deeply affected by this criminal.

If you have watched this series, you might be wondering when the next part of the series will be released. According to the latest reports, there will be no more new season for this show as the show ends after the season.

There are chances that makers may bring new stories if any new season is made, We do not have any official information regarding this as the series was released recently, so you have to wait for now.

As soon as we get an update about the next season of the series, we will update you, so stay tuned with us.



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