The Old Guard Ending Explained Netflix: Netflix’s new action-drama The old guard released recently. The movie stars Charlize Theron Kiki Layne, Marwan Kenzari, and others in the lead. The movie is about a group of 5 people who are basically immortals. They heal very quickly and cannot die. This power comes into the radar of an organization that wants to retrieve it and use it for sale. The movie has some exciting action scenes with some good emotional ones as well which contributes to an exciting ending. Let’s see


The movie starts off with Andy who is immortal. She is been living for so long that she doesn’t even remember how old she is. There are 3 others like her and the four of them had been helping people throughout human history. Andy thinks that the group should retire and live their lives peacefully and alone. She is scared that their existence would come into the public. We learn that Andy found another person just like her and her name was Quynh. They fought several battles together until they were caught and imprisoned during a witch Hunt.

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Since they could not have died, the people and the executors termed them as witches and used to try different methods to kill them. One day they took Quynh and locked her inside an iron box and threw her into the sea. Since she could not die, she would come back to life only to die again and again. Andy reveals that it has been almost 500 years and thus she has now given up on her.

This is the reason why Andy doesn’t want their identity to get leaked. Andy changes her mind about retirement after getting an offer in southern Sudan and decides to rescue the young children. When the group reaches there they conclude that it was a trap and thus their secret is now known to other people.

The Old Guard Ending

After recruiting the Nile and bringing her to the safe house in France, they are attacked by Merrick’s men and they capture Joe and Nicky. Andy single-handedly kills the rest of the hitmen but gets stabbed in the process. She learns later that she is not healing fast as of before and thus her powers are gone Making her mortal.

Nile and Booker discuss their family and in the morning Booker finds out the address of Copley. Meanwhile, Joe and Nicky are used as guinea pigs and thus several trials are done on them to obtain their DNA structure.

Booker goes ahead, Nile refuses to go with them and argues with Andy that she still has time to live with her family and she wants to, Andy agrees and lets her go. She alone goes to Copley’s house. Midway Nile realizes that Andy has gone there without any ammo and thus decides to go back. Upon reaching Copley’s house Andy is betrayed by Booker who wants his immortality to end, thus helping chopley and Merrick.

He shoots Andy and realizes that she has become mortal. Merrick and his men arrive and take both of them captive in the lab. The Nile arrives and asks Copley to take her to the lab which he does.

The Nile comes and rescues the team, with Andy still injured but able to fight the group get into a gunfight which they win. Then they go to the penthouse to finish Merrick who only wants to obtain the DNA so that he can make money. They kill his men and Andy and the Nile work together and the Nile jumps off with Merrick from the building which kills him but the Nile comes back to life. The 5 gather together and flee the scene just as the cops arrive.

The Nile decides to stay with the team and with the help of Copley she has now a cover identity. The group sees their history and how many people they’ve saved. They order chopley to make them foolproof, and maintain their secrecy from now on and help them to get the right jobs suited for their purpose of saving the world.

Six Months Later, we see Booker who was exiled from the group for breaking trust for 100 years so that he lives alone. He goes to his apartment and is welcome by none other than Quynh.

Possible Future?

Now, with Andy being mortal she still has her spirits high and wants to save the world no matter what. With Copley on their side, they are basically stronger than ever. But the future might hold something new for them. As Quynh has returned she might be angry at Andy who promised to find her. But she was unable to and thus meaning that Quynh will look for revenge.

This was our The Old Guard Ending, what is your explanation for this series, please let us know in the comment box, for more ending Explained, stay tuned with us.


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