The Last Kingdom Season 5 : So you have just finished watching the newly arrived Season 4 of the Netflix original series ‘The Last Kingdom’ and now you are waiting and want to know about the details of the new season , don’t worry , here we are with fresh updates about the Season 5 release date, star cast and story that can new season comes up with.

The Last Kingdom Season 5 Release Date

To all those who don’t know the series is based on a book by Bernard Cornwell ‘The Saxon Stories’, the book itself is a set of 13 books and from that only eight books have been only covered in first 4 episodes , so tee are 100% sure that there would another season 5 of the series for sure , although there is no official announcement from the Netflix , but by looking at the huge love and popularity you can expect the series The Last Kingdom Season 5 in November 2021 or in 2022, we would update you once we found the real release info.

The Last Kingdom Season 5 Star Cast

There is nothing much going to change in terms of star cast in the The Last Kingdom season 5, Alexander Dreymon the main lead would surely be coming back for another season as Uhtred of Bebbanburg, we may also get to see Millie Brady, Magnus Bruun, Timothy Innes as King Edward, Mark Rowley, Joseph Milson, Eliza Butterworth and there many more new face to come , there is no official confirmation about new faces , the post and information would be updates once new cast announced by the maker.

The Last Kingdom Season 5 Story

From the season 4 itself , the series is mainly focused on Alexender Dreyamon the Uhtred of Bebbanburg, he would be again seen in uniting the kingdom like he doing from the season 3rd endings , he joined the main stream and now doing the politics from front , the series 5 would be continue with the same, although this is only our predicted story , You can also check list of movies and series on Netflix rights now . what is your opinion , please let us know in comment section.

The series is one of the most loved series around the globe , by looking at the popularity of the series , Netflix has released the new season 4 in Hindi subtitles , earlier the trailer was released in Hindi and chances were high that it would release in Hindi audio too , but unfortunately they came up with subtitles only.

Have you watched the season 4 and all other season , what is you review of it , did you like it ? are you really waiting for it , please let us know in comment section , you can also follow us on social media and join the digital community at


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