Tandav (Web Series) Ending Explained: Season 2 of the Prime Original series Tandav was already announced by the makers and while watching the series, i was dam sure that the series would left many questions answered in the end, here in the post I would try to answer few of the questions that are still unanswered in the series.

Please note each theory and answer is just a prediction and I am not confirming this, there many different opinions on these topics and if you have any opinions on any of these questions, please let us know in the comment section, we would update that in the post.

Who Was The Caller?

The biggest question in the series is, who was that Anonymous caller, so there are two theories behind this, and I am going to put both of the theories to you.

First Theory;  Raghu can be that caller, The character of Raghu is so simple and open in the series, and in the series like Tandav, it is impossible that any character would have such simple background and character, it looks like ‘Raghu Is Turup Ka Ikka’ and he knows everything through his mother’s phone and now he is playing mind games secretly.

Second Theory; I think this theory is more accurate, Aysha Pratap Singh is the callers, (wife of Samar Pratap Singh), her character is also so simple and it looks fishy to me, also Ayesha and Gurupal are the only too guys who know everything about Samar’s Plan, Gurupal is faithful to Samar and it is quite possible that Ayesha is the caller.

Who Killed Sana Mir

Most of us already know this, Jigar is the killer of Sana, Sana can’t hide the truth anymore and she was on way to tell everything to Shiva, in between these Jigar and Samar came to know this and thus Samar asked Jigar to Kill Sana in Library. Jigar Killed her and then he hanged her in her hostel room.

Why Samar Choose Gopal Das As Prime Minister

Samar had now realized that you can’t be in real power until your enemies are there, and he knew it quite well that Gopal Das would start conspiracies against him, so he decides to be a King Maker instead of becoming a King. He is now waiting for the perfect time to be in Power and till that he would control Gopal Das and real power is with Samar.

These were a few questions that were left unanswered, This was our’s Tandav Ending Explained, what is your opinion about it? please let us know in the comment section, for more posts and updates like this, stay tuned with us.


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  1. For the caller it is still unknown. I don’t think ayesha or Raghu is the caller. I think it’s shiva or any of his friend. The back of caller had a look of men and 2 point the father of samar Called someone before his death. Probably it could be that person. I think there is some relation between The father of Samar and Shiva.
    Shiva is playing some mind games with samar. There is 3 main roles – Samar, Gurpal and shiva.
    With the killing of Sana everything get messed up.
    Second season will reveal it.

  2. I believe the anonymous caller is Shiva. It’s his master game plan. He knew day will come when he directly face Sameer Pratap Sing.

  3. I guess , the anonymous caller is Gurpal or somehow connected to Gurpal. In 1st episode, Gurpal-Sunil Grover has given the chit to cops mentioning the name of AYUB SALEEM IMRAN. I observed the writing style is same like the chit of ACONITE. (All Capital Letters, Space Between Letters & Almost same handwriting).

  4. Joey Tribbiani on

    I think the caller is Ayesha. As for the voice, its clearly modulated even for it to be a male voice. I feel like Samar realizes it during their love making scene when he abruptly stops and got off of her. And also that he took his wedding ring off in the ending scene.

    I think Shiva’s character has nothing to do with the caller but rather the creators are taking him in a direction where he will eventually be the protagonist of the series and Samar will be the antagonist (broadly speaking as all characters are portrayed grey). I think next season Shiva will go all out in finding what happened with Sana, Chetan and Vishal and start materializing a plan to take down Samar.

    And in subsequent seasons eventually after Samar becomes PM, the series will either be about Shiva taking down Samar, either by standing against him in election or by becoming a sort of Journalist.

  5. But initially it was shown that the caller is saying that the pm WAS murdered…. but later they show she already knew it….. that’s confusing or bad script also how they know that chemical aconite ….. I think it’s Samar only coz he made Gopal indebted to him by making him pm as Gopal and anuradha might create problems for him later if Samar became pm…. so now all power is with Samar even though he is not pm

  6. I think, the unknown caller has a relation to the guy samar used to call kaka, the one his father killed using gurpal. Somehow I feel like that person has a lot relation with imran.

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