This was the crucial Monday that I was talking about in the Previous post, Mahesh Babu’s SVP falls flat on the Second Monday and this was not surprising at all, the film saw a decline of almost 60% on its Day 12. Here goes the Day 12 Box office collections for the SVP.

The film collected around 3.19 Crores on Sunday, which is again a decent number, the film now becomes the one of the most successful Telugu films in terms of collections in the Telugu belts only, the film is expected to collect around 1.50 crores on the Day 12, which is almost 60% less than the previous day collections, here goes the Daywise collection of the film till date.

Day 1 – 47 Crores
Day 2 – 17 Crores
Day 3 – 20 Crores
Day 4 – 20 Crores
Day 5 – 7 Crores
Day 6 – 5 Crores
Day 7 – 3.40 Crores
Day 8 – 3.30 Crores
Day 9 – 2.55 Crores
Day 10 – 2.95 Crores
Day 11 – 3 Crores
Day 12 – 1.5 Crores*

Now it is almost sure that the film will continue to earn like this till Next Friday and then it will wrap up on the box office, these small collections are making big numbers if we look at the overall figures of the collections of the film.

Total collections in India now stand at 136 crores, while Total collection worldwide stands at 160 Crores approx, the numbers are decent as compare to last released film on the box office, also please note that the film released only in the Telugu version while rest other films were PAN india release.


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