Well, I am still confused with the marketing tactics used by the Amazon prime Video nowadays, first, they release the film for rent and then they shift to the free Prime Version, I don’t know who bought these rented versions when the original versions will be available for free after few weeks.

After doing the same with Runway 34, Kgf Chapter 2, and a few more Bollywood films, Prime Video is now doing the same with the Mahesh Babu’s film Sarkaaru Vaari Paata, SVP released last month on the big screen and now it is available on rent on Prime Video. Here I am going to tell you about the two things, first when you can watch the film for free on OTT, and second is this going to help Amazon in Making more money.

The free version of the film will release on Amazon Prime Video by 17th June 2022, the official announcement regarding the same will be made by Prime Video by 15th June 2022, and the film will release in the original Telugu version only. The film will not release in Hindi dubbed or any other version.

Now coming to my opinion on the renting Method, as per my opinion, this is a poor strategy by Amazon Prime Video to release the film like this, the loss is, When they give the films on rent, Most of the pirated sites leaks the film within 10-15 minutes of release and those who are waiting for the film watch the Pirated version even if they have the Prime Video subscription.

Now imagine if these films release directly on Prime Video with no Rental fee, most of the users with a Prime subscription will watch the show for the first hour itself, without wasting the time. Now coming to another point, The rental price for each film is around 199 Rs INR, the fun fact is the ticket price for the same film is Only 100 INR, now its very clear that if anyone wants to watch the film by spending money, they will watch it on the big screens not on the Digital.


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