Prithviraj Movie Ending Explained: The climax of the film was not as per expected, I am not sure about the sources of the film, but as per I know the last sequence of the film is like that and it has been described as something else in books, I am talking about the Ending of the film Samrat Prithviraj, Here i am going to explain the ending of the film. Please note that if you haven’t seen the film yet, stop reading from here coz there are many spoilers ahead.

The film was created and directed by Chandra Prakash Diwedi, the film stars Akshay Kumar, Manusi Chhilar, Sanjay Dutt, and Sonu Sood in the main lead roles, The film also stars Manav Vijj in the crucial roles, The film was produced by Aditya Chopra under the banner of Yash Raj Film.

Coming to the ending of the film, The film ends with the fight sequence between the Prithviraj Chauhan and Md. Ghori, Md. Ghori agrees to fight with blind Prithviraj one in one, As Prithvi can guess the object from the sound and vibrations, he knew that Md. Ghori is slightly down in angle from his horse and the Chandra Vardai aka Sonu Sood Poem helps him to detect the exact locations, Prithviraj sides himself by detecting the sound of ‘Bhala’ that was coming towards him and then shoot to Arrow towards the direction of the Ghori and he died at the Spot.

When Chandra Vardai this, He jumped down to Prithivi and Hugs him, after that the Army of Gori, Shoots them both with the arrows and both died on the spot.

Now coming to the contradiction, The story that we knew about the Prithvi is something different, I am not saying that the film is wrong or that it is fiction, I am just trying to say that this version of the story is different from the version that we know. here goes the same…

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As per our Knowledge, There was no head-to-head fight between Prithviraj and Md. Ghori, Md. Ghori was sitting on the High dash and from the Ground, Prithviraj aims at his heart by following the instructions of Chandra Vardai and he died there on spot, There is a famous line about the same too.

‘Char Bans Chaubis (24) Gaz, Angul Ashta Praman,
Taa Upper Sultaan Hai Chuko Mat Chauhaan..

According to the sources on the internet and books, Md. Ghori was killed on his Royal Chair, The meaning of this verse is ‘Md. Ghori is at 4 Bas it means around 66 Feet, 24 Gaz means around 72 Feet, and Angul Astha it means 6 inches, So these were the measurements provided by Chandravardai to Prithviraj and after applying these, Prithviraj Kills Md. Ghori in single Arrow.

So these were the 2 theories that are famous about the Prithviraj, I was not aware of the First one, I thought the movie will have the second one, but the makers opted for a different theory.

This was the Samrat Prithviraj Ending Explained, what do you think also please let us know about your views on the theory used in the film’s climax, drop your thoughts in the comments.


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