Muthulakshmi Veerappan’s Wife: Veerappan was released on Netflix on 4th August 2023. The way Netflix is releasing documentaries is totally amazing, and fans are really enjoying the documentary. Netflix is creating documentaries in a very unique way.

The recently released biographical documentary “Veerappan” is receiving a lot of appreciation. Fans have already seen the movie, yet they are still watching the documentary to learn more about the real story.

In the documentary, the name of Muthulakshmi, the wife of Veerappan, wasn’t mentioned. Viewers are curious to know more about her.

Muthulakshmi and Veerappan got married in 1990. Veerappan was a smuggler and also killed elephants to obtain their teeth for smuggling. Many criminal charges were registered against both Muthulakshmi and Veerappan. Everyone in the forest was scared of Veerappan. To apprehend Veerappan, the Special Task Force made a big plan that shook the whole of Tamil Nadu, and they successfully eliminated him.

Muthulakshmi was also equally culpable. Five complaints were registered against her, including charges of kidnapping, killing animals, murders, blasts, and many more. However, the main charge against her was smuggling, as she was a sandalwood smuggler. Muthulakshmi and Veerappan had two daughters, Vidyarani and Prabha Vijayalakshmi, who are currently studying in Tamil Nadu. She was arrested by officials.

Muthulakshmi also kidnapped Kannada Actor Rajkumar, which brought Veerappan and Muthulakshmi into the limelight. Thirteen of her relatives were convicted by the officials.

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She is Living normal life now. She also fought elections in 2006 but she lost. Back in 2018, she formed ‘Mann Kaakkum Veerathamizhar Peramaippu’. She lives in Salem, Tamil Nadu, and was born in the small village of Neruppore. Despite hailing from a small village, she committed very significant crimes.



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