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Major Day 2 Collections: The day 1 was pretty decent for the film considering the Past track records of Adivi, the film get a great response from the Telugu belts and emerges as the highest opener for him, the film is a little down on the day 2 but it is still looking to score well on the Day 2 also.

The film was collected around 6.95 Crores on the Day 1 and that is the biggest opener for Adivi to date, the film is slowing down on the Saturday even after the great reviews, the review of the film is super positive and but it looks like that reviews are not converting into the numbers.

Day 1 – 6.95 Crores
Day 2 – 5.50 Crores*

The film is expected to collect around 5.50 crores on the Day 2, which is not a good number considering the day 1 collection, the film was advertised very well in the Hindi belts but sadly the film performed below average in the Hindi regions and collected only 1 Crore in Hindi on Day 1.

The occupancy for the Major is great in the Telugu regions on the Day 2 also, the occupancy for the morning shows is around 60-70% which is a great mark, the main issue with the film is, that the film is failing in the Non- Telugu belts, Aggressive promotions even didn’t help the film to grow.

This was the Major Movie Day 2 Collections, what is your take on this?, please let us know in the comments.

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