Kohrra Series Based On True Story: Netflix India presents the Crime Thriller investigation series ” Kohraa” which is currently streaming now in Netflix in Hindi, English, and Punjabi languages along with subtitles.

As people want to know if “Kohrra” is a true story or not we are going to discuss it in this article, but before this let’s have a quick overview of the story. The series is set in a remote village of Punjab where a body of an NRI boy is found in between the field. Two police officers Balbir Singh & Garundi Started to Investigation of the dead body and soon they discovered the hidden truth about the murder.

Kohrra is written by Gunjit Chopra, Sudip Sharma & Diggi Sisodia. The story is set up in the rural areas of Punjab. The story of this series is a murder investigation of a NRI boy, but the show creators also explore the personal life of each character and made it a perfect series.

However, this series also explores the dark foggy areas of Punjab which attracts the audience too much. It also represents Punjabi accents drug-related issues & also their family culture too. The murder also represents Modern Indian cultural & social issues too.

So This show is a purely fictional story, with no connection to reality. But the creators are making this soo much more realistic which makes it a perfect series so far now.



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