Kaapa Malayalam Movie Budget & Collection: Kappa Is An Recently Released Movie Of Actor Prithviraj Sukumaran, This Movie has Taken A Slow Start In Kerela This Movie Is Not Doing Great In Theatres Because Of Not Proper Promotions, This Movie is having Average Hype as of now, Now all depends on WOM and reviews.

Now We’re Going to tell you about the budget, box office collection, and some more details about the film.

This Movie Is Made At The Budget Of 20 Crores In 15 Crores For Production And The remaining 5 Crores For Advertising And Printing Charges, However, there was no official data released by the makers

This Movie at Atleast Needs a Collection Of 30 Crores To Achieve Hit Tag At The Box Office, But It Doesn’t Look Possible For This Movie To Achieve This Much This Movie Got Fewer Screens, That’s Also An Issue For Low Collection.

This Movie Is Also Released In the Tamil Language With Malayalam, The Cast Of The Movie Is Prithviraj Sukumaran, Asif Ali, And Aparna Balamurali In Key Roles.

Do You Think This Movie will Get a good Response From Audiences?



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