Jakub Marczak Real Person: Netflix original show based on Poland Flood of 1997 released a day back on Netflix, audiences are loving the show while few characters are confusing for the audiences, Here we are going to talk about the character Jakub Marczak, we are going to tell you if the character is inspired from any real person or not.

The 6 episodic series are now available to watch on Netflix, The episodes are around 40 Minutes long and the show is available to watch on Various audio versions and with subtitles.

In our previous posts, we also mentioned that the show is based on real incidents, but the names and characters in the film are not real and they are works of fiction, on the same flow, Jakub Marczak character is a work of fiction, we tried to search about the name of any Politician who is named Jakub Marczak in the Poland Politics but we don’t found any, there is also no detailed data about the 1997 Poland Politics.

So, as of now we can assume that the character is not based on any real person and the character shown in the series is fully the character of imagination, Jakub Marczak is not the real name of any Person or Politician.



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