IB71 Is Not Performing at the box office as you all can see there are empty theatres for this movie everyone is waiting for the ott release. This movie was made for commercials and the masses But Masses didn’t even step into theatres. Ib71 will be wrapped up under 25 Crores total collection maybe more less than that But IB71 Will be considered as a big flop Of Vidyut’s Filmography.

Here Goes the day-wise box office collection report For IB71;

Day 1 – 1.67 Crore
Day 2 – 2.10 Crores
Day 3- 2 Crores
Day 4- 1 Crore
Day 5- 1 Crores
Day 6 – 1 Crores
Day 7- 80 Lakhs

Day 8 – 70-80

Total Indian Net Collection – 12 Crores*

Total Worldwide Collection – 12-14 Crores*

IB71 Had an overall 17% Hindi occupancy which is decent because gaining this much occupancy on weekdays is a big thing. Because of The Kerala Story And Fast X, The Movie got less show count we’re hoping that Vidyut’s next movie will be very big.

What are your thoughts on Ib71? IB71 is still having positive reviews from Audiences.



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