Hostel Days (Telugu) Review: TVF presents the Telugu adaptation of the popular comedy-drama series “Hostel Days” with the same name. After the huge success in Hindi and Tamil, this time it returns to the Telugu version too. Six episodes of “Hostel Days (Tamil)” are currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video in Telugu language only.

“Hostel Days” is the story of six students in an engineering college. In the first year, they face lots of challenges like ragging, semesters, and love. In this situation, three students—Chitranjan Batachari from the Mech department, Naveen Yadav from the Mech department, and Sai Ram from the Civil department—join the college for the first time and face lots of trouble.

In between, they learn new things, fall in love, and find their perfect position in college. Not only this, Theppa from the EIE department is actually a senior but failed in exams, so he is with them. Theppa ruled over the college, but later we see his dynamics with the newcomers. After all, the six episodes are perfect to watch, the whole series can make you laugh and hurt your emotions at the same time. If you are a hostel student, you can relate to every line from the narrators.

Though it’s a remake of “Hostel Days,” it’s not up to the mark. The screenplay is low and lagging, which can’t hold you until the end. We can say this is a decent remake. The entire cast is good, which is the only positive aspect of this series. However, Theppa isn’t as cool as “Jhaatu” from the Hindi “Hostel Days.”

Overall, we can say it’s a bad adaptation with some good performances. But there is some explicit language that makes this series suitable only for adults. So, it’s not recommended for teenagers.

As we know, the first “Hostel Days” was excellent upon its release, but the makers were unable to make the Telugu adaptation perfect. So, I will give it 2.8 stars. You can watch this series streaming now on Amazon Prime with Telugu audio along with subtitles.



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