Hasmukh Netflix Review : while writing the details article of this 2020 Netflix original series , we had already told you that it would be interesting to watch Vir Das as an actor in this new original series , honestly speaking , i was not sure if he would be able to act or not , but he proves me wrong , here goes the full detailed review of the Hasmukh a Netflix original movie starring Ranveer Shorey and Vir Das.

Before we jump directly to the review , there is little bit introduction about the series , in case you don’t know much about the Netflix original series , the Hasmukh is an dark comedy thriller Starring stand up comedian Vir Das and Ranveer Shorey , the series is created by Nikhil Aadvani and Vir Das Himslef, Now jumping to the review.

Hasmukh Review 

when we started watching the series , i was not having much expectation from it , pardon me , but i never liked Vir Das and his comedy and surely not going to like him as an actors , i was be like , why the hell they are taking this man , there are lots of great actors why this comedian man ? but everything turns wrong , Vir Das is  Steals the show in this Dark Comedy series.



With the presence of the some great actors like Ranveer Shorey and Manoj Pahwa , it was quite difficult for the Vir Das to come and show his talent of acting , but he did it , he hits the ball for six in his first ball itself, you are not going to say that he is an comedian and in no way he is lee than the other actors of the series . Half extra stars for the Vir Das. You are surely going to love this series in terms of acting , there is no doubt about it.



Story is not that bad , but not as impressive as the performances , the story is about the comedian  Vir Das who performs under another old comedian Mnojh Pahwa , one day something unimaginable happens abut that goes into the favor of Vir Das. From there everything changes and a ride of suspense and comedy begins. The story can be little short during the middle of the series as it may look like stretching , but overall its good.

Screenplay & Editing


The screenplay goes well for the series m it keep you connected and thus you get into watching another episodes , editing is also good but it can be better in middle of the series , we are again mentioning here , the series goes slow in the middle , although it keeps you connected with Powerful acting.

Overall – Bottom line


The series is must watch in this lock down situation , if you are looking for some great acting performances and gripping story with great actors go for it. Its a must watch for you, Go and watch it Right Now !!

Hope you loved our review , have you watched the series , please let us know about the review in comment section, for more content like this stay tuned to us.


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