Ginny Weds Sunny Review: As the winter comes nearer, the season of weddings in India also comes closer. To get you into the wedding feels, Netflix has brought a brand new film, Ginny Weds Sunny. The movie stars Vikrant Massey and Yami Gautam in titular characters. The movie released directly on Netflix like most of the films this year today. Let’s find out how we liked the film.


The movie starts off by introducing us to the character of Sunny who is a bachelor and wants to be a great chef. Sunny gets into a continuous tussle with his father and persuades him to buy him a shop so that he can open a restaurant in it. His father on the other hand wants him to get married so that he can be settled and then he can open a restaurant. Sunny finds it hard to have a girl as every other girl has different perceptions and wants to wait until a year so that they can keep dating and get to know each other better We see that Sunny doesn’t want to get married so that he can be with his wife his actual agenda behind marriage is to open his restaurant so that he can pursue his cooking career.

On the other hand, we are introduced by Ginny who is a carefree complete Punjabi girl. She is in a complicated relationship with her ex Nishant and her mother dislikes their relationship. Ginny and Nishant’s friends also find it weird that even after breaking up they are too close. After getting rejected by a girl for marriage Sunny decides his parents to find him a girl. Sunny eventually meets Ginny’s mother who is a matchmaker and the two decide that Sunny should woo Ginny so that they can marry.

This leads to humorous situations in his life as he tries to win the Ginny who still is confused between him and Nishant. The story follows Sunny and Ginny’s journey to find what’s in their heart.

Screenplay and Direction

To be completely honest there is nothing new in the story. Even if the movie had released 10 years ago it would still be called an old script. There have been countless stories where either the girl or a boy is confused about the relationship but in the end, they eventually end up together or getting married.

The plot is nothing new but the dialogues of the film bring the North Indian flavor which leads to enjoyable moments. While the direction by Puneet Khanna is somewhat pleasant. The movie tries hard to be funny but most of the jokes just don’t land.

It wouldn’t be hard to say that the movie has been stretched and it wouldn’t have been harm if the movie was cut short by at least 20 to 25 minutes. Some scenes are dragged while some are forced. The movie becomes extremely predictable, especially in the second half.


The performances of the movie are actually pretty nice Vikrant Massey has done a great job playing the character of Sunny and brings his natural persona in the character. Yami Gautam has looked extremely beautiful in her role as Ginny. Both the lead actors have handled the comic as well as emotional sequences very nicely however in some places they both fall flat. Search the movie revolves mostly around them the other cast members such as Mansi Sharma, Suhail Nayyar, Rajiv Gupta, Ayesha Raza Mishra, and others have done a decent job.


The music used in the film is good, with the background score handles the emotions well. A couple of chartbuster songs like LoL, Saawan Mein Lag Gayi goes well with the flow of the movie. If not for the story the movie will be remembered for its music.

Final Words

All in all the script is a big letdown. With the cast the movie comprised of, if the script was a fresh one, the movie could’ve done wonders.

  • Name Of The Movie: Ginny Weds Sunny
  • Platform: Netflix
  • Runtime: 2 Hours
  • Parents Guide: Suitable For Family

Rating 2.5 Stars

Review By – Ayush Gattani


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