Escaype Live Recently Released On Disney+Hotstar, The series Received Good Response From Audiences, The Web series Was Based On Reality Of Life Shows What Fame Can Actually Do Because Of Fame And Money People’s Lost Their Lives, and many of our readers found the ending of the show confusing, so here we are with the ending explained articles for the show.

For all those who don’t know, Escaype live was Released on Hotstar on 20th May 2022 and the final episode was released on the 27th of May 2022, The series’s ending is super confusing and now many of you want to know what happened next, here are the details about the same. Before jumping ahead, Please make sure that you have already watched the show because there are many spoilers ahead.

Many Things Happened In the Ending Of Escaype Live, After The Ending This Is Confirmed That Season 2 Will Definitely Come In the Last Episode We See That Fetish Girl Wons The Escaype Live Contest by Cheating Swami. Now coming to another twist, Talking About Fetish Girl She Dies as In the Last Episode Maya Kill when she was trying to delete her video, She Breaks Her Head With Laptop And Fetish Girl Dead.

Now the twist is, Maya, Become Fetish Girl Because No One Knows About Fetish Girl She Always Wears A Mask Only Swami Was The Guy Who Know Real Fetish Girl. The big twist was when Maya represent herself as a fetish girl swami was very shocked because he knows the real fetish girl.

Darkie Was Stucked In Big Trouble He Committed One Murder In Season 1, The investigation is on and now the Police is Behind Him, Darkie Is Roaming Freely Now He Kidnapped Dancing Rani, Also Darkie Will Now Go In Darkness But The Main Thing Is Dancing Rani Is safe.

Shrini and Sarfaraz were having $3X In the car on the roads, People come and they created the video of them and now the video Is viral Swami Had seen everything he’s not happy about what happens around him, But He Goes to Home we don’t know what happened at home and then he goes to the office and He demanded 3-4 Lakhs From Bablu, The Reason Is still not known why he demanded that Money. We may get to know about the same in the next season.

Fan Theory: Sarfaraz planned all these things, The men who recorded them Were Sarfaraz’s Men And After Recording that video, He sent that video to swami to blackmail them and to make the video viral, And then if he did not demand money from swami To delete that video After that Srini was in complete shock. Swami Was there to arrange some money he demanded from bablu, also In One Scene Sarfaraz was humiliated by cops and swami and he wants revenge from everyone.

So these were the possible ending explanation of the Escaype Live Ending Explained, drop your thoughts about the show in the comments.


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