Curtis Edward Smith Real Image: Netflix’s latest documentary series the story is about Margaret “Maggie” Branstetter Murdaugh and her younger son Paul Terry Murdaugh, who were found dead on June 7, 2021, and no one excepted that her husband Alex will be involved in this.

To know more you can watch this latest documentary streaming now on NETFLIX in the English Language.

Who is Curtis Edward Smith?

He is a distant cousin of Alex, in Sept 2021 Alex hired him to shoot him dead so that his living son can claim 10 million dollars in insurance, but this attempt failed, and he was able to call an ambulance and gets saved, Curtis faced 2 days Jail for this and was released, however, Alex lawyer now claims that his head got fractured after that incident.

Where is Curtis Edward Smith Now?

After facing a $20,000 fine he gets released from jail, he was Alex’s distant cousin and drug dealer, and as of now he is 62 years old, he also claimed that Alex also called him one day and when he rushed to that spot he found Alex pointing a gun towards him but he was able to escape from there.

What happened to Eddie Smith testimony in Murdaugh trial? | The State
Image – The State

Currently, he is again in prison because he has violated the terms of house arrest many times including his visits to Walmart and his hometown.



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