Bread Barbershop Season 2 Netflix: Get ready kids because Netflix is bringing some quality animated television series to your screens very soon. This is generally for age group of 3-12. The show is about the city of foods where the foods can talk and run into hilarious situations. The show is an original series from Korea and Netflix after seeing it’s popularity is bringing it to its a global audience.

Here in the post, we are going to talk about the plot, cast, trailer, release date and about another season for this animated series.


The main character of the show is the slice of the bread who is a perfect cake decorator. He is the problem solver of the town and all the cupcakes in the town come to his shop to tell him the problems which he tries to solve. Sometimes the problem seems weird and unsolvable but everyone tries their best to solve it.


There are few trailers available on YouTube and do check the trailer out. The trailer looks funny and was loved a lot by the audiences, if You haven’t yet seen the trailer, have a look at it. The trailer of season 2 would be released Next year.

Release Date

Season 2 of the web series is going to release on Netflix in Mid 2021, as most of you already know that Season 1 of the show was released Netflix on 15th August 2020. There is no official information about the confirmed release dates. Are You excited for season 2 ? please put ur opinion in comment section.

This was all about the Bread Barbershop Season 2 on Netflix, what is your opinion about it?, please let us know in the comment section, for more posts like this on web and digital releases, stay tuned with us, You can also follow us on social media for faster updates.


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  1. AxLaS me and my sis and bro love watching this i cant wait for season two! on

    me and my sis and bro love watching this i cant wait for season two!

  2. My child is 11 months and obsessed with this and I’m 21 and don’t mind watching it with her, never a dull episode, can’t wait for season 2!!

  3. This show is so cute, I had to look up season 2 when I seen there was only season 1 on Netflix. I’m 18 and my 6 month old son watches it, I love it cant wait.

  4. Me and my cousins and my thirteen year old sister love watching this series. Idek how we got into this but we love it and can’t wait for season two🔥😂😏👺🥵🏚😭🧆👺🥨👾😂🏤✅👾🏤

    • Yes I’m excited for season 2 too please do season 2 we really I really want to see it I was laughing the whole way through the season 1 please do season 2 of Brett’s barber shop thank you for doing this and taking the time to post this on Netflix please do season 2

  5. I love this show soo much, it’s the cutest animated series I have ever seen!!!!!! Please I can’t wait for season 2 and 3 and 4 and 5 (I hope so)

  6. i am 19 and the moment i discovered the show, i binge watch it in just 1 day!!!!I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT CAUSE IT IS VERY ENTERTAINING AND THE CUPCAKE DECORATION WERE SO PRETTY IT JUST MAKES ME FEEL HUNGRY XD… bread is arrogantly kind hearted…i also love wilk and choco is my absolute spirit cake lolll

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