Apurva Movie Summary and Ending Explained: Hotstar original Tara Sutaria starrer crime thriller film ‘Apurva’ is now streaming on the Hotstar. The film is 90 Minutes long survival thriller drama. Here is the full summary and ending Explanation of the film.

The story of the film starts in Chambal, where we see that a looter gang headed by Jugnu Bhaiya loots a car and some jewelry from travelers. Later on, when they are going to loot another truck, Jugnu has a fight with a bus driver, and they kill that driver too. From the bus, they kidnap a girl named Apoorva and challenge her boyfriend to come and save her. Apoorva was going to surprise her boyfriend and fiancé, and thus no one has any idea about where she is.

The story now jumps to the flashback where we see how Apoorva and Sidharth meet through an arranged marriage set-up, and now they are deeply in love.

The story jumps to the present again, where we see that the investigation is also going on for the case, and Sidharth is also looking for her. On the other hand, Apoorva is helpless.

The four take Apoorva to an abandoned place, and when they are about to assault her, she manages to get away from there. She is followed by one of the gang members, “Chotte,” but Apoorva manages to get rid of him and kills him with an iron bucket. Here begins the game of cat and mouse where we see Apoorva manages to kill Jugnu too with her intelligence. On the other hand, we see that Sidharth is still looking for her, and there is no idea where she is.

Apoorva continues to fight with Sukhi, and after a tough fight, she manages to kill Sukhi too with a stone. Apoorva reaches the nearest railway communication spot, and from there, she calls her fiancé Sidharth, and the film ends here.

The story was simple and has nothing extraordinary. Although Tara Sutaria has done a great job as Apoorva. We will tell about the story and performances in the detailed review article.

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This was a summary and ending explanation of the film “Apurva,” which was released today on Hotstar. Drop your thoughts about the film in the comments.



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