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Aadha Ishq Season 2 Release Date | Voot

Aadha Ishq Season 2 Release Date: Voot original series Aadha Ishq Season 1 was released tonight on the Voot for the subscribed users, the Season 1 was having a total of 9 episodes and yet the series is not complete, Many of our readers were asking about the Season 2 or Episode 10 release date of the series and here we are going to tell you about the same.

Season 2 of the series is not renewed yet, as of now there is no official confirmation regarding that, The Plot and storyline of the series I ready but the final scripting is yet to be done by the writers too, As of now, the series will not return with the season 2, But if it happens it is expected to release on Voot by Mid 2023.

Many of our readers were asking about Episode 10, To clarify, there will be no more episodes in season 1, which means you are not going to see Episode 10 for this show.

The renewal of the show depends upon the viewership and audience interaction with the series and as of now, The series is being loved by the fans, The more details about the renewal and official confirmation are awaited, our team tries to reach out to Voot for the season 2 update but there was no response from our side.

Season 1 of the Series stars Gaurav Arora, Aamna Sharif, Pratibha Ranta, And Kunal Roy Kapoor In Key Roles, Many of the actors are also going to return for season 2 for sure.

This was the update that we have about the Aadha Ishq Season 2 Release Date, Episode 10 update, and more, what are your thoughts about it?, Please let us know in the comments


  1. Ap logo viewers ka sath bahuth bura kar ra he
    Apka script completed nahi he to kyu series relies kyu kiya he ha he galth he na
    Aur he to series ka nam kaisa he waise episodes bi adha raka he 😡😡😡
    Abi next episode kya2023 pe release hoga kya,😡😡😡

  2. Season 2 please jldiiiiii we can’t waitt till 2023 please release it in 2022 …… I loved this series💜❤💜❤…. Please complete the storyy……pleasee 🙏

  3. This is really stupid. Leaving the story in between and expecting people to wait another year . No one will have any interest to watch after a year. Was a very interesting serial and it should have had a logical ending maybe added a few more episodes in season one itself and ended the story

  4. The name of the series aadha Ishq waise hi aadha episodes .. seriously u r expecting from people to wait n watch at next year..it’s not…plzz give the episode plzzz its really interesting story i have ever seen..plzz guys pls 😔😔

  5. Enjoyed this series.besutifully made and acted.please come up with season two as soon as possible can’t wait so long to find out what happens.please either cone up with series 10 or S2 fast.

  6. Please release the season 2 and end the story in a positive way. It’s very nice till now. But it’s not complete. Please release soon.

  7. Yes….there should be either season 2 for this or you should give us next episode..people want to know wht could happen next they want to know about the love story of Roma and saahir and the infatuation of renne for sahir takes what step next

  8. Loved the series 🔥♥️♥️
    2023 is too long to wait 😡😡
    Want to see season 2 soon ♥️♥️

  9. Plz, plz start series I really really liked this love story and it is very interesting and very well done!! I m waiting very eagerly to start watching continuation with series 2!!

  10. Please please release season 2 soon.We are eagerly waiting for next episodes.please release them soon.loved the series

  11. Please upload episode 10 rather than season 2 plus upload.. I can’t wait for watching what the happening in the end💫♥️ guys plzzz released..🙏


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