Aadha Ishq Review: Voot is finally coming back with some content, The series titled ‘Aadha Ishq’ released tonight on the Voot for the subscribed users, I just finished the show, and here is the detailed review of the web series, I am going to tell about the Plot, performances and some highlights and drawback from the series.

The Series stars Gaurav Arora who was seen in the Raaz 3 and Love Games, the series also stars Aamna Sharif, Pratibha Ranta, And Kunal Roy Kapoor In Key Roles, The Show Is Being produced by 24 Frames Media And Directed by Nandita Mehra. There are 9 episodes in the series and all episodes are around 35-50 minutes long, the series is not suitable to watch with family and Kids.

Coming to the story of the series, The story of the series revolves mainly around Roma, Saahir, Rene, and Milind. When A Married woman falls in love with another man and her daughter falls in the love with the same man, the relationship gets complicated, How Milind will handle his wife’s extramarital affair, and how their life gonna change permanently, The series is all about it. What happened next, to know this you have to watch the full series on Voot.

Before jumping to the performance I would like to tell you that I found the story very simple and we had already seen these kinds of series, the story is very slow, and very much predictable, the locations were good, the music was brilliant but still when a huge number of content is coming this Friday, this series fails to make a place in the must-watch list.

Gaurav Arora looks decent, he gives the vibe of Raaz 3, he is a very good actor there is no doubt about it, but here he looks very familiar with his previous role, His acts with his eyes very beautifully, his body language was brilliant and most importantly he manages to deliver great chemistry with both of the actresses in the series. Kunal Roy Kapoor was amazing in his role, He look intense and dark he delivers it very beautifully, and from the comic role to this serious and dark role, he was too good.

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Pratibha Ranta and Aamna Sharif were decent in their respective role, Pratibha Shares great chemistry with Gaurav on the other hand, Aamna looks brilliant as a married woman, she was very expressive and decent during dialogue deliveries, The other characters of the film were decent too, overall the series was a mixed bag of the performances.

Aadha Ishq Voot
Image – Voot

The performance was decent, the music was brilliant and the locations were amazing still the series fails to make an impact due to the Poor and very predictable story telling, I started losing the interest from the 3rd episode itself, another drawback is the length of the series, the episodes are 35-50 minutes long some are around 51 minutes long, I found most of them were draggy and very lengthy.

I am going with 2 out 5 stars for this series, The performance was good but that was not enough to make an impact, this is the new era of OTT and the content like this may impress a small section of audiences, but they will never get the recognition at the large level. If you still wants to watch the show, You can check it on the Voot, There are 9 episodes in the series and all are available in Hindi audio with subtiitles.

This was the Voot original series Aadha Ishq Review, what areyour  thoughts about it?, Please let us know in the comments, for more news and updates, stay tuned with us.


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