5th May 2023 Netflix Releases What To Watch On Netflix Today: Well, if you are a fan of Netflix Content and You are waiting for some big shows and Films on Netflix This Friday then there is shocking News for You.

For the First time even as far as I know, Netflix is not releasing any Original Film or show on 5th May 2023. There are a few films and shows which releasing on Netflix Today but None of them are Netflix original shows and films.

For Indian audiences, there are a few Regional Tamil and Telugu films that are coming tonight on Netflix but there is no original show of Film. Here goes the list of everything releasing today on Netflix;

  1. The Emoji Movie (Movie) – Hindi – Released in 2021
  2. Ay: Spotting The Difference (Movie) – English – 2023
  3. Meter (Movie) – Telugu – 2023
  4. Three (Movie) – Telugu – 2015
  5. Rowdy Fellow (Movie) – Telugu  – 2014
  6. Thammudu (Movie) – Telugu – 1999 (Pawan Kalyan)
  7. Amrutham Chandamamalo (Movie) – Telugu – 2014
  8. Yogi (Movie) – Telugu -2007
  9. The Order Of Things (Movie) – Nollywood Film – 2022

There are few Netflix original shows which released on the Platform on 4th May 2023, You may have a look at them. They are titled as ‘Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story’, Sanctuary and Larva Family.



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