420 IPC Movie Review: Zee5 original film 420 IPC is now available to watch on the zee5 streaming platform, here in the post I am going to tell you about the positives and negatives of the film, we will also talk about the Performance, story, and few more details about the film.

The movie stars Vinay Pathak and Ranveer Shorey in the main lead roles, along with talented actors like Rohan Vindo Mehra and Gul Panag in the supporting roles. The film is written and directed by Manish Gupta. The film is approx 100 Minutes long and now available on watch on Zee5 in Hindi audio along with the English subtitles, the film is suitable to watch with family and Kids.

The film is the story of a Middle-class CA Kehswani who is charged for fraud of 1.50 crores by a big builder of the town. Keshwani was working as the CA of the same builder. After the police registers, a case against him here starts a courtroom drama where the lawyers of both sides tried to get the facts correct. The story comes to a shocking point that blows away everyone’s mind, what was that and who was the culprit, to know this you have to watch the full movie on Zee5.

Vinay Pathak and Roha Mehra were so good in the film, they were Just amazing, Rohan Vinod Mehra is playing the role of a Lawyer and he played that beautifully, his dialogue delivery was amazing and his expressions seems realistic. Vinay Pathak is an amazing actor and he proves this in every role. His last film Chintu Ka Birthday on Zee5 was so good and the performance was acclaimed by everyone.

Coming to the Ranveer Shorey, I am a huge fan of his acting, he had done some great and amazing works in the Past, but I don’t find that spark in his acting in this film, his expressions and dialogue delivery were a little down this time and I don’t know why did get any vibe from his performance. Gul Panag was good in her roles and the rest other characters were also decent enough to watch.

The story was good, it was not that next level, we had already seen some thrilling courtroom dramas like Pink, Mulk, Shauya and 375 and this films failed to match that level, the story is very simple, there are very few thrills, the locations and the courtroom sequences looks dull and it fails to give that realistic feel. The music is average and the same is with the editing and coloring.

I am going with 2 out of 5 stars for the film, the film is not up to that mark and fails to deliver. The film lacks the thrill and I will suggest you skip the film, If you are a fan of Vinay Pathak and you still want to watch the film, you can watch the film on Zee5 in Hindi audio along with the English subtitles.

This was 420 IPC Movie Review, Please drop your opinions about this film in the comment section.


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