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Young Rock Season 3 Episode 5 Summary, Recap, Ending Explained: Does Dwayne Go To Gjelgjiughm?

Young Rock Season 3 Episode 5: Dwayne Johnson’s “Young Rock,” tells us the lessons he learned on his way to becoming the icon he is right now have been quite a journey. Season 3 is currently airing on NBC and you can imagine how much love the show might be getting that the show has been able to re-create some of the most famous characters of that time like the wrestlers, managers and even the bookers.

As we move deeper into the world of Dwayne Johnson and his struggles, each episode gives us life lessons that Dwayne learned along the way, some good and some not. The recently released Episode 5 titled “Five Days” tells us the story after Dwayne goes to Gjelgjiughm to offer a trade deal to their Prime Minister and shares a life lesson with the Prime Minister along the way.

Recap & Summary

The Episode starts with Dwayne and Randall arriving on Gjelgjiughm and Randall who has not had coffee for quite some time starts gulping coffee like crazy and instantly becomes hyperactive. Meanwhile, Dwayne advises him to eat cookies to soak up the coffee inside as he’s invited by the Prime Minister to talk over a delicate matter.

The Prime Minister who is a very big fan of Dwayne has gotten her painting but isn’t sure about it and asks Dwayne what he thinks of the painting. Dwayne on the other hand agrees that the painting is a good one but the Prime Minister is having second doubts because she’s just got elected as a PM for a year and before that, she was just a regular citizen and the spotlight is getting to her and she is confused about this decision.

Dwayne understands what the PM means, he related to this sudden spotlight and shares an experience after his 2-minute speech when he delivered his first promo as a heel in the WWF.

Rocky after delivering his speech meets Patt and asks how did it go and gets answered that it all depends on the fans and they’ll get to know about that next week, after seven days in Chicago at the next event. Rocky has put everything on the line for this, not just his career but his future because wrestling is the only thing he knows how to do and by delivering the speech, he has put that on the line so the seven days move very slowly for him to the point that he starts cleaning up the whole house to keep him occupied.

However, his speech works for him and he sees fans booing and hating him in the next event which is exactly what he wanted. He gains confidence after this and even devises a new move on the fly titled “The People’s Arm”. Rocky is now on another level with fans going crazy for him.

The Ending

Rocky and his wife Dany are having dinner at a restaurant when they’re asked by a couple of fan to give them an autograph Rocky sighs and answers in a very rude way which Dany doesn’t like and she makes him understand that. Rocky then goes to the couple’s table and apologizes and informs them that he’s picked up their tab and even performs a little for them as well.

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Dany makes him realize that it was his dream and that he needs to be more respectable to the people who are making him Dwayne is telling that to the Prime Minister who is now more comfortable with the portrait and agrees with Dwayne as well.



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