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Wolf Pack Episode 3 – Recap and Ending Explained

Wolf Pack Episode 3: Wolf Pack is an American supernatural teen crime mystery drama that is based on the popular 2004 book of the same name written by Edo Van Belkom, whereas this series, created by Jeff Davis, revolves around teenage students whose stories change after some of them are bitten by the wolf, and more about their lives are revealed in this series.

In this article, I will recap episode 3 as well as the ending explanation, whereas, in the final episode of episode 2, we see that Connor is somehow connected with the werewolves, whereas Blake is at the scene where the police arrive and take him, along with others, to be questioned and more details, which we see in the episode 3 recap.

Recap and Summary

Episode 3, titled “Origin Point,” opens with some kids from the same college where Blake studies. We find that they are playing to go to the floor of the restricted building, where we see that they are enjoying the fire. They also take some pictures, but suddenly police arrive and take them into custody for violating the law.

Scene shifts to Everett and Blake, who are in police custody and driving to the station where they are going for the question about the fire where they plan to stick that they are taking weed in the forest where we see that they are having a connection with the voice as they are all connected with the wolf pack.

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After that, we see that Phoebe is now going home after the investigation while talking on the phone, where she sees that her tire is flat as someone slashed the tire, and the scene ends. We see Luna telling her father about everything again, and he tells them to come home so they can answer some of his questions, and then they leave them at the home where Harlan wants to know if this wolf is his real father or not because this wolf appears during the full moon.

Ending Explained

When they reach home, Garrett takes Luna and Harlan to his room and tells them everything about the wolf and what they think of them, and then, after Garrett thinks that they are going to kill that girl, he leaves and tells me to close all the gates and windows so that no one can come inside the house.

The scene shifts to show a police officer arriving at the house and asking Harlan to come outside so he can question him, but he tries to beat Harlan and is saved by the werewolves. Following that, Garrett instructs them via phone to take a gun from the stable, and later, when the werewolves attempt to kill Blake again, Harlan shoots and saves them, and the episode concludes.

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In the next episode, we see that Harlen asks Garrett about the gun, and he tells them that he makes this gun bullet so that he can kill them, which we see in the next episode. Besides that, let me know in the comment box how much you liked episode 3.



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