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Willow Episode 2 Recap, Summary & Ending Explained | All Episodes Recap

Willow Episode 2 Recap, Summary & Ending: Episode 1 ends with a big cliffhanger, where we see the chosen one is Dove, and it shocks the viewer, If you haven’t checked the episode 1 recap, then kindly check it.

Now, in episode 2, we see the scene shown in the flashback where we see Willow is back to meet Sorsha, and Sorsha tells Willow that these barriers cannot stop the enemies forever, which we already saw in the first episode, When we see Sorsha, she tells Willow that Elora can only defeat the Crone and that you can’t train her because he isn’t a great sorcerer.
Now, after Flashback ended, where we already know that Elora is Dove, they introduced Willow’s daughter named Mims, who lived in the villages of Nelwyn.

We also see that Kit is not happy, as she is not the chosen one, and she is not in the mood to learn anything about these people; only she cares about Airk. So, she wants to move to find Airk, but Willow intends for her to train Elora.

As we can see, Sorsha wants to keep Elora’s identity a secret, but Crone already knows and dispatches Lich to find her. We see Mins convincing her father to keep Elora safe, and we also see Kit upset with everyone because she discovered she is not the special one.

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On the other side, we also see Jade keeping Kit in her place because she is arrogant, and we see the petulant child also try to find Elora. After Kit goes away, Elora is still there, near the river, and Willow is able to find out that she is afraid of all this.

Following that, we see Elora try to learn everything she can so that she can defeat Crone, and we also see her try many times to practice her magic, but it doesn’t work, leading Kit to believe that it is a waste of time, and she also points out that she is ordinary and has nothing special.

At the end of this episode, we see Elora try to fully focus and use the power, and then try again and again, but small magic appears to be a success. However, this episode ends in shock when we see Willow have another vision, a very horrifying one in which he sees Elora being found dead on the battlefield, and he also tells us that the only way to save the world is for Elora to die.

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In the following episode, we will see how they are able to change their fate and win the battle without Elora’s death. Stay tuned, and let us know how much you enjoyed this episode in the comments.




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