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Willow Episode 1 Recap, Summary & Explained | All Episodes

Willow 2022 Episode 1 Recap, Summary & Explained: Willow is an American fantasy action adventure mystery series based on the 1988 film of the same name, and it is confirmed to be a sequel to that film, This series is set around 17 years after the events in which Queen Barmorda was defeated. Let’s see what happened in the first episode of Willow with the recap of Episode 1.

The story of episode 1 begins with a loose recap of the 1988 film, in which they free the kingdom from its crusade and saved all of them so that they could live happily ever after, but ends with a vision in which Willow sees evil arriving to destroy the future empire and end the world again.


After that, we see two women training on the cliffside, dueling, and their names are Kit and Jade. We see that Kit is arrogant and claims that Jade is her best training partner, and she also wants to explore the world with all its adventures. where we also see her brother named Airk, who is always flirting with the kitchen maid named Dove.

The kit is not happy to take orders from her mother because she is no longer in sixth grade (explained later), but she still orders her to dress all like them, which her friends also do so that she feels happy. At dinner, Kit and Jade gossip about Graydon Hatur, who is the prince of Galladoorn; we see there are two princes, but one died, and the left-handed prince is destined to marry Kit, but his father is totally opposed to it.

Following that, a new character named Sorsha appears and delivers a lengthy speech about maintaining peace between Tir Asleen and Galladooran, as well as the Prince’s marriage to Kit in order to reunite their realms. Where we discover that Sorsha is Kit’s father, and he still does not want her daughter to marry the prince, but it is her faith.

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After all, we see Jade also leaving that place, which is worse for Kit, and then we see Kit confess to the prince that she doesn’t want to marry and wants to make her own choices, where her father also supports her, and we see Airk also show them and deflect all attention. After that, Kit plans to leave the realm completely and go outside the barrier, where we see She kisses Jade and tells her that she wants to live her own life completely differently.

The Ending

The scene shifts and we see that the entire realms are under attack by creatures. We hear a voice in the air that suddenly stops the creatures from attacking and also leaves that place, where we see a hawk come and take Prince Airk away without any knowledge. After that, Kit decided to leave and search for Airk, which is headed towards the west where we see Jade along with the prince and prisoner Boorman they also need a sorcerer for the mission where they track down the Willow and also take Dove as she also wants to find Airk as she loves him.

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After that, in the morning, we see Dove try to go alone, where she has to face the magical barrier that is protecting the realms, but she steps forward and away from protection. whereas the rest of the group finds her missing but eventually finds her because she doesn’t go that far where we see the Bone Reavers arrive and kill one of their own with arrows fired at the group, they manage to escape where Kit learns about more humility and they now become a team.

They enter the Nelwyn village to find Willow, where they discover that Airk is still alive and that the Crone is located beyond the Shattered Sea, and they travel further to find Airk so that nothing bad happens to him.

In the end, it is revealed that the chosen one is not Kit but Dove, which means she is the future Empress and High Priestess and only hopes against all evil to save realms. This scene shocks the fans and makes them eager to click on Episode 2 to see what happens next.



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