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Who Killed Suhani In ‘Class’ | Netflix | Suhani Death Explained

Who Murdered Suhani In ‘Class’? : Netflix’s latest crime thriller Indian series, Class, is an Indian adaptation of the popular Spanish series Elite, whereas this series follows the story of three poor students named Dheeraj, Balram, and Saba as these students receive scholarships from the elite school located in Delhi, but in school, an accident occurs, and we learn more about this in this series.

In this article, I will tell you about Suhani’s death, who murdered her, and what their motivations were for her death. There will be more information in this article that will clear up any confusion about her death.

As the series runs, we find out that Dheeraj loves Suhani, and we also find out that Suhani is perverse, and then they plan to run away and settle together. But, it changes completely when we see that Suhani is being murdered and find out that Deeraj is at the murder site, where he is arrested.

Later, we find out that Suhani was killed by Sharan, as we see that they are trying to win the prestigious Koel, but during that, Sharan makes an argument with Suhani, and during their argument, Sharan stabs Suhani, and she immediately dies.

This is all about Suhani’s death, whether she was murdered or something else was planned. Let me know in the comments how much you enjoy this show, which is now available on Netflix.



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