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What Happened To Henry In Stranger Things? | Netflix

Stranger Things Season 4 just concluded with a bang that will be heard for months because not only it create a history for the highest viewership as reported by Nielson but the Vol2 was epic! I mean with a Season Finale of a more than 2 hours runtime and you still do not let their viewers eyes glued to the screen, it’s amazing that Stranger Things have managed to keep this feat going even after 4th run of their series.

What Happened To Henry? Why is he loved the most this season?

Glad you asked! After Eddie witnesses the murder by Vecna in a fashion that can only be considered otherworldly, Eddie simply runs away and hides away. After Dustin is able to find him while the Police and Chrissy’s boyfriend Jason is looking for him, he sort of looks like a weasel who ran away and is shocked by that incident. After that, we see a side of him that can be considered cowardly.

This one time in Season 4 Vol2, we see him and Dustin preparing for their role as Decoys in the master plan to kill Vecna, Eddie says to Steve, “Look at us, we are not heroes”.

What follows after can be only considered as the most badass scene this season or probably this entire series when just to catch the attention of the bat-like creatures in the Upside-Down, he starts to play “Master Of Puppets” on top of an RV!!

Later when all the bats are coming towards them and attacking them, he says to Dustin that they should retreat and when Dustin goes back to the real Hawkins, Eddie goes back out just thinking about how he ran previously so we see heroic nature in him as he storms out with a bicycle and riding as fast as he can with an army of bats behind him like a swarm of beetles.

Later when he is caught by the bats, he stands there in the eye of the storm when bats are flying around him as he fights whatever comes before him, like a boss!


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