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What Happened To Elaine In ‘The Consultant’? Will She Become CEO?

Elaine is one of the most talked about and Crucial Characters from the Prime Video Original Show “The Consultant”, The Character Elaine was Very Much confusing and at the end of the episodes we get to see some unseen side of Elaine, Here we are going to answer some of your Questions related to Elaine.

Initially, Elaine was So Helping and it looks like she is a woman of ethics, The way she takes care of everyone and looks after the company, it was so obvious that she is a Great woman in every aspect.

What Happened To Elaine?

In the last 2 episodes, we get to see some drastic change in the character of Elaine, She doesn’t return to the office ‘Ian’ and She started thinking like Patoff and it looks like she can go to any extent to full fill her desires, We also get to see that how she agrees on leaving the elephant on Road Just to Promote the game, Even after knowing that it can create rucks on road and was life-threatening for both elephant and Passers-by.

And to Convince His Ex Boyfriend to work for less Price she even agrees to sleep with him and she doesn’t stop there after that She also informs the Police so that her Ex gets arrested and would save her 10k Dollars.

Now coming to the ending of the show, What Happened to Elaine at the end of episode and season 1 of the show;

Elain Is CEO Now?

So in the last episode of the show, we saw that Patoff left the office and Elaine is still in the office, It is almost confirmed that Elaine is the new CEO of Compware as She has all the qualities that Patoff was looking for in any CEO, She is selfish and She can go to any extent to make her Plan work.

There are lots of things left for season 2 of the show, We may get to see how Elaine reacts and works after becoming the CEO of the company, and we will also see what Patoff does to that new company to which he is going to take over.

Hope this answers all your questions related to Elaine from the Amazon Prime Original show, You Can Also Check other articles related to the show like.



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