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What Happened To Eddie In Stranger Things Season 4 | Netflix

What Happened To Eddie In Stranger Things Season 4: Eddie Munson, the president of Hellfire Club was the prime suspect of Season 4 Vol1. Originally thought of or perceived as a demonic cult that was responsible for the grisly deaths happening in Hawkins. Eddie Munson was last seen with Chrissy who was the first one to be killed or taken away by Vecna/Henry/One.

What happened to Eddie?

Dustin comes back to the Upside-Down to fight with Eddie and he sees Eddie on the ground with the bats on top of him eating him and then see all of them dying since Hopper and the rest of the kids were killing the Demogorgens and Demodogs in the real world. We’re then met with an emotional scene between Eddie and Dustin in which Eddie says “I did not run this time.” And shortly after exchanging emotional words, he dies in the arms of Dustin.

Season 4 showed us a character Eddie Munson who on the outer look looked a whole lot weird and dangerous but to people who knew him, he was the most badass person with an aura that shines from miles ago. Dustin and the other kids from Hellfire knew that and they’re sad because Eddie died to protect a town that hated him and no one would know what an amazing person he was.

Eddie Munson is the most loved character of Season 4 and this is going to be hard for the Duffer Brothers to come up with someone else to top this in Season 5 as we wait for it with a timer on our hands.


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