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What came of The Anthrax Attacks Investigation? | Netflix

What came of The Anthrax Attacks Investigation?: The Anthrax Attack investigation went on from September 2001 to February 2010 making it a grueling 9 years investigation not only that, it was one of the most complex investigations in the history of the FBI, and the FBI itself considers this to be one of the most complex cases in the history of Law Enforcement.

Over the course of the investigation, the FBI followed over 50K leads on 6 continents, conducted 9000+ interviews, and issued 6000 grand jury subpoenas.

The Investigation after the death of Doctor Ivins was divided into two halves in the FBI, half not believing that Ivins was the culprit and the rest opposing. The only connection between Ivins & the attacks was the Flask that the FBI found but there’s no usage history of the Flask.

All we know is it belonged to the place and lab where Doctor Ivins worked. It could be something else that maybe someone else used that and there’s no conclusive evidence in this argument. FBI still keeping Doctor Ivins as the main culprit behind the Anthrax Attacks closed the investigation in February 2009.

This case is particularly interesting because there was no single person that came out or was found that had agreed to do these attacks. Clearly, the FBI thinks that Doctor Ivins had his own personal agenda but those can be considered theories because, with Doctor Ivins dead, we can’t know for sure. However, some parts of this case still make out that maybe Doctor Ivins wasn’t the one.



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