Vikrant Rona Review: The Hype Doesn’t Worth It

The Much Anticipated Pan India Movie Vikrant Rona Is Now Finally In Theatres I Watched This Film In Hindi Dubbed Version With 3D Now We’re going to tell you About The Plot, Cast, Acting What’s Good And What’s Bad In The Film.

First of all this movie got very less screens On North Side The Film was having a great buzz. But While Watching This Movie On Big Screens The Story Felt Incomplete And The Main Thing Which Was Very Confusing Is the Direction There Are Too Many Loopholes In the whole movie.

Anup Bhandari Directorial Film Vikrant Rona Starring Badshah Kiccha Sudeepa, Nirup Bhandari And Neetha Ashok In Key Roles In the first half the story was developing Very slowly Movie Starts With A Woman Was Driving A Car On Completely Empty Road With Her Daughter And That’s Where Her Daughter Gets Kidnapped and in the same village Daily Small Children Getting Kidnapped And Murdered. Behind All These Things Who Is There? We can’t tell you about the whole story that’ll be considered a Spoiler.

The climax Was Really Unexpected The Thrill And Suspense Was Very Great In The Movie. The Fight Scenes Of Kiccha Were Also Very Good And The Main Highlighted Thing About The Movie Was The Cinematography. That Was Too Excellent. cinematographer William David Handled The Cinematography Very Well During the whole Movie.

The Direction And Editing Were Very Poor Some Audiences Are Getting Confused Because Of Not Properly Linked Scenes, And the other bad thing was There Were Too Many Censored Scenes In The Movie The Scenes Were Full Of Blood, and Censor Board Rated This Movie With U/A Certification.

The Thing I Personally Loved Is The Greatest Visual Effects And 3D Effects. The 3d Effects Were Looking Too Good Everything In 3D Was Like Very Real. And The Entry Scene Of Vikrant Rona With A Fight Against Baddies Was Also Good. The Runtime Was Very Long For this movie, this Movie Is a total of 150 Minutes Long

If you’re going to theatres with this movie Then Try To Watch it In 3D Only You’ll Definitely enjoy this movie in 3D Version On Big Screens. After all, This Movie Is A Thriller Mystery Fantasy Movie. You can watch this movie with your family Also in the Theatres.

This Is The Personal Opinion Of the Writer. (Not A Review)

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