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Ural in ‘Sahmaran’ – Who Plays Ural | Netflix | Actor Name

Ural in ‘Sahmaran’: There was a group of people who called themselves “Mar” and the group was led by Ural, here we are going to tell you about the Actor Playing the role of Ural and some of more of his films and show that you can watch.

Who Played Ural in SAHMARAN TV Series?

Turkish actor Mahir Gunsiray played the role of Ural in the latest Turkish drama Netflix series.

Who is Mahir Gunsiray?

Mahir Gunsiray is a Turkish actor, he is currently working at Bursa State Theatre, Istanbul State Theatre, and Theater Studio, the actor has also done various roles in many movies and tv series and he has also been teaching at various universities and private educational institutes since 1987.

Currently, he can be seen in the latest Netflix series “Sahmaran” in which he is playing the role of leader of a group called “Mar”, he is one of the founders of Theater Oyunevi where he is still a director and actor.



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