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Unseen Episode 3 Recap & Explained | Netflix

Unseen Episode 3 Recap & Explained: Netflix’s original African Drama show, ‘Unseen’ is now streaming on Netflix, There are a total of 6 episodes in the show and all episodes are around 40 Minutes Long If you missed any episodes, Here Goes the episode-wise recap for the show.

In episode 2 we get to see how Zenzi Mistakenly Kills Landlord Eric, The police start an investigation and now they have some clue about the Death, What happens in episode 3, Here Goes the small Recap and Explanation of episode 3 of the show.

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Episode 3 of the show starts with a Cop arriving to take Zenzi to Police Station, Nagesi followed them to Police Station, Zenzi is taken to the interrogation room and Just before she was taken into the Interrogation room, A Lawyer came for her, was the same lawyer who fought Max’s case When Zenzi asked about who send him, He said, Her Guardian Angel.

After 2-3 questions, the officer Let go of Zenzi and when she came outside, Nagesi was waiting for her with the car, Nagesi then asked Zenzi to stay at his place as She is disturbed, Zenzi agrees to do so, and there she tries to reveal the killings to Nagesi, but he failed to Guess it.

In the night Zenzi gets a call from her sister Naledi and she goes to Meet her Ngesi is unaware of it, and while she was coming out after meeting with Naledi, She was taken to Raymond, and there Raymond again threatens Zenzi that if she doesn’t Kill ‘Blessing’, They will Kill her sister.

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Zenzi then enters to Strip Club with the help of Raymond Men and then she goes to ‘Blessing’s office there she Put the Drug (Sent by Raymond) and a few minutes after taking it, ‘Blessing’ falls on Gound and now he is dead, The lawyer who helped Zenzi also arrives there and he Notices something fishy, Zenzi manages to get out from there and episode 3 ends here.



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