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Unseen Episode 2 Explained & Recap | Netflix

Unseen Episode 2 Explained: Netflix’s original Newly released African Crime thriller Show ‘Unseen’ is now streaming on Netflix with 6 episodes, all episodes are around 40-45 Minutes long and are available in English audio version along with subtitles.

The story follows a Middle Aged woman ‘Zenzi’ who is looking for her Husband, While  Investigation she got herself in trouble, and how she is going to deal with it, here goes the episode-wise recap for the show.

Episode 2 of the show starts with Zenzi having guild over what she has done last Night, Zenzi is working at Carlie’s house, and there she the news about that Train Platform Killing, We also get to see that Max was charged with the wrong murder and he was forced to do so by Raymond, and now Raymond has to answer his Boss about all this mess happening.

Zenzi goes to meet her sister and there she was followed by Raymond, Zenzi then Visits a Bar to ask about Max and there she gets to know that Max has a bad relationship with some people When Zenzi reaches home she found that Raymond Hendrick is already there in her house. Raymond asks Zenzi to Kill his boss ‘Blessing’ and somehow Zenzi agrees to do it.

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Zenzi then goes to work for Mr. Nagesi (The Writer), Where Nagesi confirms that  He is writing a book on Him, Zenzi then goes to her house where she was again threatened by his landlord and he is blackmailed and asks her to do the favors, Zenzi goes to Meet Eric and there she by Accident, Kills him, As she was followed by Raymond, they both saw her killing the Eric.

Police reach the spot and they found the Phone of Eric, and episode 2 ends here, Now in the next episode we will get to see how the Police investigate the case and how Eric’s last phone call to Zenzi is going to create trouble for Zenzi.



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